Collaborating at the Cascades Wedding Show

tropical citrus garden table setting

Every year, the Cascades Wedding Show brings together wedding vendors from all over Central Oregon to show off their talents and products. This year, the show highlighted collaborative booths, which involved a few different vendors coming together and designing one big collaborative booth. This meant that you actually got to see different wedding themes, covering everything from tropical garden to elegant bohemian.

Bringing It Together

large circle floral arch photo booth backdropWhen we joined the show, we knew that we wanted to jump on the collaborative booth bandwagon! We reached out to a few vendors, and ended up with a killer team. We had The Posie Shoppe for florals, The Tipsy Lemon for cocktails and Andrew Paul Photography to show off some beautiful photos.

After we had our team together, we started brainstorming design ideas. We knew that we wanted to do something big, something that could turn heads and probably something that included a lot of color! The tropical theme always drew our attention, but we wanted to add a little twist. Including citrus concepts and garden florals seemed to soften the theme a bit, and not exclude couples that might shy away from a tropical theme. We are based in Central Oregon after all!

Designing With The Group In Mind

light wood bar with floral overhang

Once our design concept was solid, we worked with our team to create a space that would highlight each of our talents, while still working within the theme. We came up with the idea of using white pegboard to hang photos to highlight Andrew’s work. And we chose a bar that could be a statement piece for Tipsy Lemon to serve their amazing cocktails. The pegboard also worked to show off photos of their adorable, renovated mobile cocktail bar.

The Posie Shoppe jumped right into the theme and created florals for everything! We had an overhang above the bar, a colorful floral garland down our reception table and a huge floral circle that served as a backdrop for the photo booth. We also worked closely with Heirlooms and Co. to pull off our design. They personally built many pieces for us, including the pegboards and bar. Other pieces of furniture were used from their warehouse, including the table, chairs, vintage pieces and some of the tableware and decor.

Flexing Our Artistic Muscles

tropical tablescape with flowers and colored candles

With all of these items, we curated a reception table that featured a lot of color, modern lines and funky patterns to show off our design sills. We even did our own DIY projects to highlight our artistic side, while also giving the brides some fun ideas to take home. For example, we dipped pieces of fruit into pink paint and used a white paint pen to write our guests’ names on them. These became our DIY name cards.

Another handmade project included the pink ombre canvas that we used to frame each vendors’ logo. We also hand wrote all of the signs and calligraphy used in the booth. We really wanted to use the Cascades Wedding Show as an opportunity to show our wide range of talents, from the artistic to the planning and executing.

The show provided the perfect platform to be creative and design big. And the other vendors brought it too! It’s the best place in town to find the right vendors and design ideas for your wedding. 


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