Crafting Your One Of A Kind Registry

nicole michelle decor wedding registry

Imagine walking into an inviting boutique with a perfectly curated selection of luxurious linens and unique housewares, from which you get to craft your bridal registry. Welcome to Nicole Michelle Decor.

The dream of hand selecting your registry in person has faded away, and most brides are forced to select their gifts online. But how can you truly tell the color, the feel and the quality online?

Many gifts from your registry will be staples in your home for years to come, and ensuring your registry completely fulfills your vision for your home is important. At Nicole Michelle Decor, they take pride in creating timeless registries that will be enjoyed and cherished by couples as they build their lives together for many years to come.

Located in Bend, Oregon, Nicole Michelle Decor offers unique, heirloom quality products that you wouldn’t find in other big-box stores. In fact, when you choose Nicole Michelle to carefully select your wedding registry, you can be sure that you won’t ever see your linens, tableware or decor replicated in another home. 

With Nicole Michelle, you get personalized attention and invaluable expertise to craft your registry and carefully cultivate the design in your home. Each and every member of the Nicole Michelle team has a broad experience in the field of interior design and decor. When building your registry, you will receive tips and guidance on what items will look beautiful together in your home. The online registries simply can’t offer that kind of service!

How to Build Your Registry

So, how does it work? While Nicole Michelle has some items on their website, it truly pays to visit the store in person and select your items with an experienced designer. This may be more difficult for our destination brides, but we promise that planning a trip to build your unique and drool-worthy registry will be worth it. We usually recommend a trip into Bend to tour venues and meet with your other vendors, so adding Nicole Michelle to the list is an easy task.

Nicole Michelle has created this wedding registry checklist to ensure that you include all of the items you need on your registry. From bed linens and tableware to bath linens and decor, Nicole Michelle has you covered!

Once you have crafted your registry, you will be given a link to send to friends and family that includes photos and descriptions of your selected items. Guests are able to purchase these gifts in store or over the phone at 541-306-3000.

The local, family-owned store also has its advantages in that they beautifully wrap gifts, can hold gifts for pickup, deliver gifts to bridal showers or wedding venues and ship nationwide. They also offer a 10% discount on any remaining registry items for six months after your wedding day.

If you have any questions about creating a registry with Nicole Michelle Decor, feel free to contact them at 541-306-3000. You can also call this number to schedule an appointment to create your registry. Gift certificates, in any denomination, are also available.

Nicole Michelle Decor allows couples to experience their registry items in person, all while offering invaluable expertise and guidance. Each item is carefully selected to reflect your unique design vision for your home. Your home should reflect this new life you and your partner are building together, and the items in your home work together to do just that. With the care and passion from the team at Nicole Michelle, your wedding registry is sure to shape the loving and comfortable home you dream of.

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