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You can spot one of our weddings from a mile away. They are impeccably designed and curated, with photos filled with joyful guests and ecstatic couples. We create beautiful, drool-worthy weddings that you never want to leave! Our process is the secret behind these unforgettable weddings. From start to finish, our tools and outlines ensure that every detail of your design is just as you envisioned, every item on the timeline is on point, and every vibe you’ve dreamed of is immaculate.  

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Our meticulous process and organization guarantees a seamless wedding day. Having flawlessly orchestrated over two hundred and fifty weddings, we know how to dig for the details and plan every aspect of your special day to perfection. We also know that unexpected mishaps and last-minute changes are bound to happen. You can be certain that we've seen it before and are able to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

We've developed comprehensive templates for every aspect of the planning process, enabling us to solve problems before they even happen. We organize all of our templates and planning materials in our custom-built planning portal. It is beautifully designed, easy to use, and gives you everything you need to plan your wedding right at your fingertips. Each planning portal is tailored specifically to each wedding, ensuring that you have everything necessary to create the perfect day.

At The Indigo Bride, our favorite day is wedding day! It’s a day brimming with anticipation, energy and joy. While so much can go perfectly right, there's always the possibility of something going awry. But with our team of skilled and experienced planners and coordinators, your wedding day is in excellent hands. We approach every situation with a positive, relaxed attitude, ensuring that even if something doesn’t go according to plan, we swiftly resolve it with our creative problem-solving skills. Many of our couples have told us they were blissfully unaware of any little blips, a testament to our dedication to keeping your day stress-free and overflowing with good vibes!



We live for the design phase! Our designs are of-the-moment, timelessly trendy, and utterly unique. We collaborate with you to elevate your vision and create something personalized and truly original. Our desire is to take what you love and enhance it. We expertly layer in all of the design details to make the space, and your photos, truly pop and wow your guests. Not to mention, we provide you with digital layouts and design boards so you can see and visualize every element. There’s no guessing here! You can rest assured that your wedding design is precisely what you want.


Planning with The Indigo Bride is a breeze. Our meetings are like chatting with your best friend about your wildest wedding dreams. And from those chats, we bring your dreams to life. Step one is curating a vendor team that can execute your vision. Our vendor relationships guarantee top-notch service and execution for your entire wedding. We handpick vendors tailored to your needs; no cookie-cutter recommendations here! Our expertise and connections ensure you have a reliable team you can trust. With this one initial first step, we can significantly reduce your stress and increase your joy.


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Anywhere in the world! We are based in Oregon, and travel throughout the United States, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean to produce luxury destination weddings. We would love to chat about any location that you have in mind, or help you find an optimal one!

Our packages are customizable and are created based on your needs. However, we suggest a minimum overall event budget of $700 per guest to get the most from our services.

It's all about our process! We've poured endless hours and heaps of experience into crafting the perfect approach that covers every detail, all while keeping things fun. The Indigo Bride couples always gush about how enjoyable the entire process is, not to mention how stunning their weddings turn out!

Get in touch with us today to begin planning your dream wedding. Based in Central Oregon and ready to travel, let us sprinkle a little magic into every moment, creating memories you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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