Our Favorite 2019 Wedding Trends

wedding custom ceremony backdrop

One of my favorite things to do as a wedding designer, is to find new, creative ideas and trends. I love adding hints of these themes into my weddings and events to make them stand out and wow guests. And 2019 definitely has a lot to offer in the way of trends! We’re moving toward modern and funky, but there’s also a feeling of whimsy and elegance. Whatever theme your wedding has, there’s a trend that can be incorporated.

I love playing with design, and these elements may be what you need to add that extra pop you’re looking for. Think about how you can add your favorite element into your wedding. It doesn’t have to be so grand and large, it could be a small detail in your table numbers, an extra piece of decor, or reflected in your signage. Trends offer a fun way to get those creative juices flowing when designing your wedding.

2019 wedding trend balloons


Of course, one of my favorite wedding trends is balloons! We’re seeing balloons pop up all over the place, from weddings to birthday parties. The key to balloons is choosing matte colors that compliment your color scheme. If you’re looking to do a large installation, I recommend hiring a professional. They will be able to provide the quality products you’ll need to pull off that modern look. The balloon installation featured here was created by yours truly, The Indigo Bride.

2019 wedding trends modern wedding


As interior design and fashion is trending toward modern looks, so are weddings. Think clean lines, acrylic details, and mid-century modern furniture. Not every venue has modern vibes, but not to worry, you can add modern details into your wedding by selecting modern chairs, a modern lounge area, or modern dishware. Just like the gorgeous tablescape featured above, designed by Bertie Does. They incorporated modern seating, cutlery, and plates. When it comes to modern, the possibilities are endless!

wedding custom ceremony backdrop

Hanging Installations

If I’m designing a piece for a wedding, I almost always think, “Is there a way I can hang this from the ceiling?” Whether it’s florals, or streamers, or signage, I just love when I’m able to hang things. Of course, hanging items can be a bit tricky. If the item is lighter, like balloons or paper streamers, sticky command hooks are your best friend, especially if you’re at a venue. Most venue’s don’t appreciate extra holes in their walls. ūüėČ Now, if you have access to beams, wrapping a heavy duty line around the beams offers great support for heavier items. The above hanging paper display used as a ceremony backdrop was created and installed by The Indigo Bride. Happy hanging!

2019 wedding trend chrome


We’ve swooned over silver, gold, rose gold, and copper, but in 2019 we’re swooning over chrome! This cool, modern accent adds a bit of edgy vibes to your wedding. I absolutely love the chrome lighting installed by¬†Micktric Events¬†featured here. If you don’t have chrome lighting options in your area, you can add chrome elements with your glassware, decor, or even with small accents like votives. Chrome accents work best with industrial, modern, urban, or warehouse weddings.

2019 wedding trends wild florals

Wild Florals 

2019 is the year of wild, unstructured florals. From bouquets to centerpieces to ceremony installations, we’re seeing this trend pop up everywhere, and I LOVE it! There’s more variety, colors, and textures that really make the flowers pop. Small Yard Flowers created the stunning bouquet shown above. I also love her addition of dried florals in with fresh flowers.

2019 wedding trends crowns

Crystal Crowns

As we head into 2019, we’ve moved from flower crowns to crystal crowns. These gorgeous headpieces make a big statement. And depending on the piece you choose, they can add romantic and elegant vibes or dark and moody vibes or edgy and funky vibes. Really, they can fit in with whatever your vibes are.¬†The gorgeous crown pictured above is from Emma Katzka Bridal.

2019 wedding trend bright colors


Bright colors have been on the rise in weddings, and it’s pretty well known that coral was named the color of the year. While I don’t think you have to stick with coral colors, I love the addition of complimentary bright colors in weddings. Take a look at your color palette and see if you can add in a more vibrant color. Add colored napkins for a pop of color, or add a different hue into your florals, or choose bright colors as the main focus and downplay the rest of your tablescape, like the beautiful setting featured here that was perfectly curated by Bertie Does.

2019 wedding trends iridescent


I am loving the iridescent trend! I think it’s so fun, fresh, and edgy. And while you don’t have to go full iridescent, like this amazing setup by Casa De Perrin, it’s an easy trend to add in small amounts. Use iridescent lettering on your table numbers, an iridescent cake topper, or iridescent stars for some hanging decor. Iridescent accents work well with moody and modern weddings, especially with pink or purple color palettes.

2019 wedding trends laser cut acrylic

Laser Cut Acrylic

Acrylic is still going strong in 2019, with colored acrylic signage, acrylic invites, and acrylic name cards at the top of their game. Another acrylic favorite is laser cut acrylic! Like this laser cut acrylic name card, created by Double Dipped Calligraphy. The great thing about acrylic, is that it can be used in almost any wedding, from romantic and rustic to industrial and modern. With the right styling, color section, and design, acrylic is an easy fit for any wedding.

2019 wedding trends neon signs

Neon Signs

I’ve been dying over neon for awhile, and I love that it’s been popping up in more and more weddings. While most “neon” signs are actually LED signs, they give off the look and feel of neon. Creating your own customized sign could cost around $500, but you can rent our “Lovestruck” neon sign for much less! Email¬†[email protected]¬†if you’d like to have some neon vibes at your wedding.

A Few Of Our Other Favorite Trends

  • Black accents
  • Velvet linens
  • Dried palm leaves
  • Colored candles

Add a little more spunk and creativity into your wedding by playing with some of the year’s trends. However, you don’t want to go overboard! Stay true to your vision by adding small elements. It’s a fun exercise in designing and creating.¬†For more wedding day design, tips, and information about The Indigo Bride, check out our portfolio and¬†blog and follow us @theindigobride. Happy planning!

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