Love is Sweet! Exploring Different Types of Wedding Cakes and Desserts

dessert bar

Wedding cakes and desserts have been an integral part of wedding traditions for centuries. A beautifully crafted wedding cake has the power to take the wedding decoration to the next level and leave a lasting impression on guests. Choosing a cake or dessert that reflects your personalities and preferences can make the event even more special. Here, we explore some different types of wedding cakes and desserts to inspire couples as they plan for their big day.

3 tier cake Classic Wedding Cake

There is no better place to start than the classic wedding cake. The traditional white tiered cake, with delicate piped scrolls, flowers or drapes of sugary frosting is a timeless masterpiece. This type of cake offers either buttercream or fondant, and the bride and groom can choose the number of layers based on the number of guests. The classic wedding cake is perfect for a formal, black-tie wedding or a timeless and elegant wedding.

modern wedding cake

Modern Wedding Cake

A modern wedding cake is one that breaks away from the classic white tiered cake mold. Modern cakes feature unique shapes, unexpected flavors, and sprinkle of creativity. Colorful, funky, and wild cakes, created in geometric or asymmetric patterns, are fun and great for a couple with a vibrant and playful personality. The focus on these cakes is on the unconventional shapes, unique flavors, and bright color schemes. Modern wedding cakes provide endless possibilities for creativity and uniqueness.

naked cake Naked Cake

A naked cake is a minimalist cake with a rustic charm, without the outer layer of fondant or frosting. A naked cake is perfect for a casual, outdoor, or barn wedding, but it can also add a natural and organic feel to an upscale wedding. The layers of the cake are showcased, and it often features fresh flowers or fruit for decoration. It is a perfect fit for a couple looking for an organic, rustic or earthy wedding.

cookie table

Miniature Dessert Table

A dessert table is a perfect replacement for a wedding cake albeit less traditional. A dessert table provides guests with numerous dessert options. From French macarons and mini cupcakes to chocolate truffles and cheesecake bites, the dessert table is a feast for the eyes and the palate. The dessert table allows the couple to showcase their favorite sweets and adds an element of informal warmth to any wedding day.

ice cream truck

Mobile Dessert Cart or Truck

A mobile dessert cart or truck is a modern twist on wedding desserts. A few of our favorite options are made-to-order s’mores with unique flavor options, homemade ice cream or gelato, or affogatos! Choosing a mobile dessert cart allows the couple to inject a bit of fun and guest interaction into the wedding festivities. 

couple eating smores

In conclusion, there are endless possibilities for wedding cakes and desserts. From classic and traditional to modern and out-of-the-box, there is something out there for every taste and style. A cake or dessert that reflects the couple’s personalities and preferences can make the event even more special. We hope this collection of wedding cake options has inspired couples planning their big day to explore their own tastes and create a unique, memorable celebration of love.

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Photo & Dessert Vendor Credit from Top to Bottom: Anne Fischer Photography & Dreamin’ Desserts, Victoria Carlson Photography & Dreamin’ Desserts, Ely Roberts & Crumb Cakery, Ely Roberts & Dreamin’ Desserts, Gallivan Photo & Crumb Cakery, Ely Roberts & Addy Mac’s Homemade Ice Cream, Mattie Krall & 1927 S’mores.

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