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Marian and I started The Indigo Bride because we love creating and designing, thinking outside of the box and encouraging individuality. For instance, Marian has been an artist her entire life. Whether she was doodling on her parents’ floors or she was graffitiing walls, Marian has always had the urge to create. She’s created so many beautiful things, that it seemed a waste not to use her talents on weddings.

As far as for me, I have pretty much been a planner my whole life. I was born with amazing organizational skills. As a young girl, I would’ve said it was more like OCD, and I looked at it as a burden, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned how to utilize these skills and love this about myself. I truly fell in love with wedding planning when I planned my own in June, 2016. I sat on my honeymoon talking to my husband about how I didn’t want to go home, because I wouldn’t be able to plan our wedding anymore.

Together, with Marian’s artistic abilities, and my organizational brain, we decided to create The Indigo Bride, and follow our passions. We hope that our visions and creations inspire couples to create something unique for their special day, something that truly reflects who they are as a couple. This is the one day where you profess your love, and move forward as a family, why not use this day to celebrate who you are, how you fell in love, and where you’re going?

Abandon those limiting traditions at the door, and ask what YOU would like to have at your wedding. Brainstorm, be bold, think of something that will make heads turn, and we can create it!

We’re so excited to build The Indigo Bride in beautiful Central Oregon, full of everything from lush trees to huge expanses of moody lava rock. However you envision your wedding, Central Oregon probably has the backdrop. So, don’t hesitate, call or email us and we’d love to talk shop, throw around design ideas, and hear all about your amazing wedding!

Written by Bree Denman 

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