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Balloon Installations

We love creating modern, artistic balloon installations for weddings and events! If your wedding needs a little flair, a balloon installation is a cost-efficient option that adds a big statement. To start the process, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll talk about what design you would like, including colors, and where you want the installation placed. From there, we can give you an accurate pricing quote. We carefully choose the balloons’ location, design and color to ensure your display reflects your style and theme. Every installation we create is truly unique, and with a balloon creation, your wedding will be too!

Use Balloons For:
  • photo booth backdrop
  • ceremony accent
  • ceiling decor
  • entryway decor
  • building statement piece
  • cake table design piece
  • bar arrangement
  • reception or guest table centerpieces
  • sweet heart table backdrop
  • welcome table decor
  • or really anywhere you’d love to add some pizzazz
  • wedding balloons modern blush white grey
  • modern wedding balloons blush white grey
  • wedding yellow balloons at night
  • yellow wedding balloon installation
  • wedding with balloons and bright colorful mural
  • pink acrylic wedding sign

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