10 Things Brides Often Forget When Planning

10 things brides often forget

As wedding planners, we’ve noticed that there are a few things brides often forget to cover before their big day. Everything from bad weather plans to structuring your timeline to hiring a clean up crew, these 10 tips can help you prepare and create a stress-free wedding day.

central oregon lake mountain wedding1. Have a plan for bad weather

Especially for weddings in Central Oregon, you never know what kind of weather you could be facing. Rain, snow or even fires, have been known to derail weddings. And having a plan in place will ensure that the day will go on, no matter what weather you may have to face. It’s also a good idea to ask your coordinator or other local vendors about what weather you can expect, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. Your local vendors will know what to anticipate, and they can help you plan ahead.

wedding photographer shot list2. Prepare a shot list for your photographer

And assign a friend or family member to oversee it, especially if you have a lot of family photos planned. A friend or family member will know the people on your list better than your photographer, and this can make the process faster and easier on everyone.

babysitter for weddings3. Consider hiring or appointing babysitters

It’s wonderful to have children present for weddings. Everyone loves watching them play, and they add an extra element of joy to the wedding day. However, if you have quite a few children attending your wedding, we recommend at the very least, hiring or appointing a friend or family member as the designated babysitter for the ceremony. So, if someone needs to step away with the children, they can.

food truck wedding4. Be prepared to provide vendor meals

This usually includes your photographer, videographer, band or DJ, wedding planner, any other vendors present during the reception and their assistants. These numbers can add up quickly, and can range from around 4-10 meals. While this might seam like an extra expense you didn’t plan for, having low energy vendors during your wedding is not ideal. Discuss adding vendor meals with your caterer. And being prepared for this expense takes the edge off.

hire a day-of wedding coordinator5. Consider hiring a day-of coordinator

Something goes wrong at EVERY wedding. Granted, some things are smaller than others, but there is always something to fix or some fire to put out, and you don’t want to be the one doing it on your wedding day. And you probably don’t want a friend or family member to be the one to do it either. They should be able to relax and enjoy the day as well. That’s where a day-of coordinator comes in. They will handle the details, so you don’t have to. This detail can honestly make the difference between a stress-free day and a hectic one.

getting ready wedding6. Plan for more time than you think you will need

Especially for getting ready! It always takes longer than you think it’s going to, same with the setup. If you’re planning on finishing those last few DIY projects the day-of, think again! If you have any DIY projects, finish them WAY beforehand, or you’re going to be a stress ball on your wedding day. For setup and getting ready, we recommend adding another hour into your timeline.

bride and groom wedding canoe on lake7. Carve out some alone time for you and your boo

It’s easy to let the wedding day speed by you, without taking the time to stop, reflect and feel all the feels with your love. A great opportunity for that alone time is during your first look or right after your ceremony. Find a quiet place and make sure you’re alone, that means no photos! Take the time to breathe and connect, because that’s what the day is truly about.

signing marriage license8. Do you have your marriage license?!

Every state is different, and in Oregon, you have to get your license at least 3 days before the ceremony, and no sooner than 6 months before. You and your partner will need to sign with your officiant and two witnesses. It then has to be mailed in. So, if you’re planning a honeymoon directly after the wedding, it might be a good idea to appoint someone to mail the certificate. No one wants to find out a year later that they were never officially married!

brown medicine bottles flowers wedding9. Discuss returning rentals to your vendors

If you are getting decor rentals, signage, lawn games, furniture rentals or vases from your florist, all of those items need to be returned. And if you’re planning on a honeymoon, it is a good idea to assign a friend or family member to return these items. Discuss the plans with your vendors, so they know when they can expect their items to be returned.

wedding clean up 10. Who’s cleaning up?

You may think there’s not a lot to clean up, or that family and friends will be able to help, but we can’t stress this enough, hire someone for clean up! By the end of the night people are tired, and have been gettin’ their cocktail on, and no one wants to clean. This can lead to lost items, broken items or extra charges from your venue. It is absolutely worth it to hire a clean up crew, it could even end up saving you money in the long run.

A Few Items Not To Forget

  • Cake cutting knife and server
  • Guest book and pens
  • Invitation suite, if you would like it photographed
  • Wedding day emergency kit
  • Your vows
  • Any gifts for parents or your partner
  • Wedding attire

With a little prepping and planning, you can make sure you and your guests experience the best wedding day possible. For more wedding day tips, design and information about The Indigo Bride, check out our portfolio and blog and follow us @theindigobride.

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